ASL has chosen the Sonaca 200 to support the development of its training center

As a specialized stakeholder in the management and operation of private jets, ASL operates personal and "charter” flights in Europe. In conjunction with the company JetNetherlands (takeover in 2014), ASL has a fleet of 30 aircraft ranging from 4-seater to 30-seater jets.

Apart from operating "private jets", the group also manages an aircraft maintenance center (based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands), and recently an ATO training center[1].  "ASL group wishes to develop its pilot training activity (ab-initio) as well as specific training related to the world of business aviation," said Philippe Blockmans, Elite Pilot Training Center Manager at ASL Group "It is with that aim that we have decided to invest in the Sonaca 200".

The choice of the Sonaca 200

Several reasons have pushed ASL to opt for the Sonaca 200: "As a Belgian company, we wanted to acquire an aircraft which is locally produced by an internationally renowned aviation stakeholder. We finally chose the Sonaca 200 for its performance and equipment as well as its operational and maintenance costs (announced). After a detailed analysis of the product, it turned out that the Sonaca 200 met the current expectations of the (initial) pilot training sector".

ASL has ordered two "Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro" EFIS version aircraft[2] (Garmin G500 TXI). The first aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in October 2019.

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[1] ATO: Approved Training Organization, DGAT-approved training organization.

[2] EFIS: Electronic Flight Information System.