Newsletter February 2016

Dear all,

Last September, the aerospace supplier Belgian Sonaca decided to extend its expertise in the field of general aviation through the creation of a new subsidiary: Sonaca Aircraft. The first objective of this new company is to develop and certify a new aircraft, a two-seat specially adapted for training and leisure flights.

As a reminder, the development is based on an existing non-certified aircraft. The 3 main axis of development focus on:

  •  Preserving the excellent aerodynamic behavior (especially at low speed)
  • Improving the robustness and reliability of the aircraft
  • Developing a powerful aftersales services

The certification of this aircraft is well underway. Beside the Type Certification of the aircraft, we have also applied for a DOA (Design Organization Approval) and a POA (Production Organization Approval).

In addition to being certified to design and produce the aircraft, these approvals will allow Sonaca Aircraft to ensure the responsibility for delivering quick and efficient modifications or repairs to the product after its certification and entry into service.

The final equipment of the aircraft is currently on the course of being established and we are planning the assembly of the first aircraft for certification flight test for the end of this year. 

The first commercial delivery is planned for mid-2017.

In the meantime, we have started to conclude pre-orders with first customers, which on one hand allows us to secure our first year of production and, on the other hand, to insure a positioning in the production line and a delivery date for the customers.

We are also progressing on the development of the website which will be available end of this month. The name of the aircraft will be unveiled on this occasion.

Kind regards,

Pierre Van Wetter