Newsletter July 2015

Hello to You all,

We are pleased to announce you that our project acquires a new dimension today.

Indeed,  based on initial meetings  and technical advises with private and professionals  pilots across some European countries started in 2014, we established the key characteristics needed for the development of our prototype.

In order to make swift progress on the development of the certification aircraft we decided to join forces with a foreign partner to take advantage of an existing structure and adapted to the needs encountered.

This arrangement allows us to continue meetings in the airfield across Europe with the aim to properly refine our technical specifications based on the demonstration aircraft and also to obtain initial feedback from its aerodynamic behavior in flight.

In parallel we are working on the design and the first sizing calculations of the final aircraft whose prototype is expected to be in flight for next summer.

Thus our Aeroflit development project is now transformed into a new company, Sonaca Aircraft, a branch of the Belgian aeronautical construction company, Sonaca.

Feel free to join us now on our new Facebook page:

Kind regards,

Pierre Van Wetter