Newsletter April 2015

Hello to you all,
We come back to you about the progress of our project.
To fully understand the needs in the general aviation sector, we met the last months, a lot of flight school, aero clubs and pilots through France, England, Germany, Canada and Belgium.

These meetings allowed us to establish the needs and the technical requirements for  development of such a plane and avoid the mistakes not to commit.

Although our long-term vision is always electric propulsion, It seems to us more appropriate to start our business by an aircraft with proven technologies and thermal propulsion, already responding to a request on the marked in this sector.

In order to position ourselves very quickly on the market, we studied different opportunities for partnerships with companies with complementary skills to ours.

We are currently finalizing negotiations with the selected company. If negotiations are successful, we should be able to present a prototype by summer 2015.

We also engaged discussion with European certification authorities (EASA) and Belgian (BCAA) to start the certification procedure of our design office and production plant
In addition to this first model, we still develop research about battery and hybrid/electric motorization.

Kind regards,

Pierre Van Wetter